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  • The Abandoned Hmong King
    Written by Kenji Chang.Date 7/10/2012.Tau ntau txhiab xyoo, peb Hmoob twb hnov qab txog peb Hmoob li keeb kwm lawm. Tsis tas li xwb peb Hmoob tseem cia li tsis nco qab txog peb li poj yawm txwv koo...
  • More History of Hmong/Miao peoples
    History according to Chinese legend and other considerationsAccording to Chinese legend, the Miao who descended from the Jiuli tribe led by Chiyou (Chinese: ?? pinyin: Chiyóu) were defeated at the ...
  • Txiv Yawg tus duab & lub hwj chim
    My father BangZhong Wu is the 1st among all Hmoob who help researched our Ancestor Chi You with the invitation from the chinese officials/ generals. He was also invited to present the 3 Ancesto...
  • China Miao/Hmong Minority
    The Miao people are one of China's 56 ethnic groups, and according to the 2010 population census, there are almost 9 million Miao people in China, mostly scattered in China's southern provinces of ...
  • Quick glance of the Miao/Hmong history
    Quick Glance:Miao/Hmong people are the first to settle into the Yellow River (Yangshao Civilization) before the Chinese takes over. Hmong moves southwards to the upper Yangtze river (Daxi Civilizat...
  • Miao/Hmong of China
    A Miao proverb states, "Fish swim in water, birds fly in the air, Miao live on the mountains." The Miaos live in the cold, wet mountainous regions of southwestern China and many villages are onl...